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New Study Links Prescription Of Some Antibiotics During Pregnancy To Birth Defects

A new study whose findings were published on February 19, 2020 in the British Medical Journal has linked the prescription of some antibiotics during pregnancy to birth defects. The research determined that children of mothers prescribed macrolide antibiotics during the

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Going Through Depression? Here Are How 6 Women Won The Battle Without Prescriptions

Depression is the persistent feeling of sadness. It can occur in adulthood and also in childhood. In the past, quite a good number of people have spoken about battling with depression and how they won the battle. Now, the essence

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8 Reasons Why Self-medicating Could Be Dangerous

ADESUA IYOYOJIE Self medicating is the act of administering drugs without a doctor prescription. Illiteracy and ignorance is one of the reasons some carry out this act. Some parents run a pharmacy in their homes where they have all manner of

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