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Oral Contraceptive Pills Protect Against Ovarian & Endometrial Cancer, Scientists Find

A comprehensive study involving more than 250,000 women, shows that oral contraceptive use protects against ovarian and endometrial cancer. The protective effect remains for several decades after discontinuing the use. The study is published in the journal Cancer Research. Ovarian and

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Scientists Warn Condoms Will Not Prevent COVID-19 + Tips To Keep In Mind During Sex

The use of condoms will not protect sex partners from contracting COVID-19 if one of them is positive for the virus, scientists warn. They say that although condom is effective against many sexually transmitted infections, it will not prevent contracting

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Living Well: New Study Shows How Physical Activity Averts Sudden Death

At least 3.9 million early deaths are being averted worldwide every year by people being physically active, according to a new study using data from 168 countries. By showing how many deaths are averted, it might also be possible to

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Six Ways You Can Minimise & Prevent Vaginal Tears During Childbirth

Around 90% of all women experience vaginal tears during childbirth. When considering labour and birth, one of the biggest fears for women (other than the pain) is the potential tearing of their perineum that may result in extended recovery time due

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