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Nigerian Porn Star, ‘Savage Trap Queen’ Quits, Shares How Peer Pressure Lured Her In The First Place

The name, Delphina Joy, may not ring a bell, but when you mention Savage Trap Queen, many know who she is. Savage Trap Queen shocked many months back when she declared that she earns between N80,000 and N100,000 for every

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Hollywood Dad, Chris Hemsworth, Puts Parenting At The Fore With This Major Career Move

Chris Hemsworth, 35, has revealed he’s quitting Hollywood to fulfill his own side of the bargain he had with his wife regarding their family. The actor married actress Elsa Pataky in 2010 and they decided that when they started having

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10 Parenting Styles of African Parents That Have Robbed Us (Part One)

There has been so much joking around about the method of parenting in African homes, meanwhile, it is not funny. If you are a child or were once a child, that is what you will always be to most African parents;

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