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Hillary Clinton Shares Tips With Which New Mum, Meghan Markle Can Stay Happy Despite The British Press

2016 US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has spoken out in support of the Duchess of Sussex over the way the royal has been treated in the UK.  Race and gender are “absolutely” a factor, Clinton said during an interview with

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Here’s What Hilary Clinton Believes Is The Reason British Tabloids Target The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex and mum-of-one, Meghan Markle has obviously being targeted by British tabloids since her marriage to Prince Harry. The 38-year-old has suffered many stings at the hands of British dailies who find blame with almost every of

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12 Scientific Facts About Spanking

Corporal punishment, and spanking in particular, has been a hot debate in the parenting community for generations. Those who practice it swear it works. Those who abstain strongly discredit its effectiveness. But what effects does it really have? We’ve looked

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