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Dear MIMsters: Would I Be Right To Think That I Was Violated?

Hi Mimsters, there’s something that has been bothering lately. I have decided to share it here in this forum just to start up a conversation and probably get more insight. Would I be right to think I was violated? I

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Dear MIMsters: I Told My Husband-to-be My Biggest Secret And His Reaction Shocked Me

Let me start my story from the beginning because I believe Mimsters can learn from it. I told my then fiance the biggest secret about my life and his reaction shocked me. I was the only child between my mom

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Dear MIMsters: Perhaps God is Bias. Perhaps, He doesn’t love me. I feel so unworthy!!!

Perhaps God is bias. Perhaps, He doesn’t love me. I feel so unworthy!!! My aunt’s husband, a well-known and respected man of God has been sleeping with me for over 6 years and I am tired! I want to run

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Dear MIMsters: All I Ask Is To Be Free From This Emotional Turmoil

How can I  be free from this emotional turmoil? My marriage is one year old and I have two sons. I had my first son when I was in school 11 years ago and the second one was born last

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Dear MIMsters: Could My Husband Be The Man Behind My Problems?

Could my husband be the man behind my problems? I’m a graduate with a marketing degree who worked in the bank before I got married. My credentials suddenly developed wings and has flown out of my house for 3 years

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Dear MIM: My Husband Kicked Me Out Of The House, But Look At My Testimony Today

I am a victim of emotional blackmail, torture and heartache. Today, I am standing strong, not by my strength but by God’s grace and I wish to share my testimony today with as many women who are facing the same

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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Keep A Diabolical Mother Like Mine Out Of My Home?

I’m the first daughter of my parents and we were 4 girls but lost one 3 years ago and my mother is diabolical. I was 7 years old when my father left us 2 days after the birth of last

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Dear MIMsters: I Was Diagnosed With PID, High Prolactin Level, Displaced Womb, But See My Testimony Today

I have been meaning to share this testimony but don’t know what has been holding me back. A few months after my wedding, I gave birth to a stillborn baby. Meanwhile during the pregnancy, I had series of spiritual attacks.

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BE INSPIRED! He Was Told He Would Amount to Nothing But See Who He is Today

A Facebook user, Anyi Obi, shared his quite inspiring story on his page to celebrate his birthday and encourage others. Read below and be inspired!

Hanging Out With Pauline: “How I Survived A Gun Shot To My Head”

It’s my birthday today and what better time to introduce my Vlog, “Hanging Out With Pauline” and get to share my life experiences and perspective on current issues affecting parents, children and the family in general. My first upload is a

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Dear Mimsters: After 10 Years & 2 Kids, I Think It’s Time To Leave Him

I think it’s time to leave my marriage after 10 years and 2 kids. My mum gave birth to just me and my older brother. She went through hell bringing us up. She used all the money she made from

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