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Former TV Anchor, Vivian King Shares Her Recovery From Massive Stroke At 49 | Here Are Signs To Know

Former TV news anchor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vivian King was 49 years old when she suffered a massive stroke. King told “Good Morning America: “I was in neurological ICU for 10 days and the hospital for a total of 32

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How 7-Year-Old Boy, Nasir Striggs, Beat The Coronavirus & Pneumonia Despite Being A Sickle Cell Carrier

A Maryland boy with sickle cell disease is winning his fight against COVID-19 after suffering serious complications. Nasir Striggs, seven, was hospitalized in early April after his mom noticed he was having trouble breathing, according to WBAL-TV news station. The

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Ten Tips On How To Recover After Having a Cesarean Section Surgery (Part One)

Mark Wealth Having a Cesarean section surgery comes with its own set of complexities, slightly different from vaginal delivery. One thing is clear though, to recover fully and properly, you must be equipped with the right knowledge.   Sometimes you

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