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Parenting: Media Personality, Wana Udobang Shares Unbelievable Memory From Her Childhood

Journalist, Wana Udobang took to Twitter to recount a childhood memory that shocked her followers. The poet recalled being forced by her father to drink his cup of tea. At first, Wana said she had no idea why her father

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Celebrity Mum, Tonto Dikeh, Dishes On What To Do With Relatives Who Hate, Disrespect Your Mum

Actress and mum-of-one, Tonto Dikeh has dished her thoughts on healthy family interactions and what to do with relatives who hate, or disrespect your mum. Tonto, who took to her Instagram to give the advice also shared that mothers who

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Experts Share 5 Ways Couples Can Handle Demands From In-laws Or Their Relatives

Marriage experts have shared some useful tips on how couples can handle demands from their in-laws. A married Nigerian man simply identified as Isaac shared his personal experience with his in-laws. Isaac told PUNCH reporter as he emptied the third

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Dear MIMsters: My Late Brother’s Wife Is Driving Me Crazy

My late brother’s wife is driving me crazy. This is our history! My parents had just 3 of us- 2 boys and a girl which is me. We grew up in a very comfortable and somewhat rich home but tragedy

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Dear MIMsters: How Do We Break Free From Our Abusive Relatives?

I read a post about abuse towards kids on this site and this is exactly how our relatives, my Aunty and Uncle treat my siblings and I. When we became orphans, my uncle and his wife moved in to stay

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Dear MIMster: Is My Niece Acting Funny Around My Husband or Is It Just Me?

I’m a 31-year-old married woman with 3 children and my niece who lives with us. Let me tell you what is going on in my marriage as I’m hurting so much right now. I left my husband and children in Africa

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