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What Michelle Obama On How Motherhood Impacted Her Career In New Netflix Documentary

Michelle Obama has admitted that becoming a mother meant she had to make a “concession,” which was abandoning her aspirations and dreams and her career to be specific. Women the world over can relate to motherhood impacting the intensity to

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Teen Actress, Regina Daniels, Reveals Sacrifices Her Mum Made For Her Children

Nigerian teen actress, Regina Daniels who made her debut as a child actress in Nollywood at the age of seven has praised her mum’s sacrifice in a special birthday post dedicated to her. In the lengthy post on Instagram,  Regina

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For This Touching Reason, Wesley Ryan Bursts Into Tears When His Children Gave Him A Surprise Gift

47-year old Wesley Ryan received the shock of his life when his children surprised him with his favourite car. He had sold the car years back, and used the proceeds to settle the medical bills of his wife, who had

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Why Women Sacrifice Their Dreams for Marriage (Part One)

Adesua Iyoyojie Women and sacrifice go together like peas in a pod. It is time for men, women and children to begin to recognize this common occurrence and take steps towards negating it. Society, culture and religion expect a woman

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Unbelievable! Father Strangles His Children To Death As Sacrifice To His Late Dad

A 35-year-old father, Thomas Matthew who lived at Mountain village opposite Dantata Camp, Asokoro, Abuja, has been arrested after being found out to have murdered his own kids as sacrifice. Thomas, who claims his dead father initiated him into an occult group, said

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Selfless! Hero Husband Sacrificed Himself To Save Beloved Wife From Flood

A Chinese man has been called a hero after sacrificing his own life just to save his beloved wife from drowning in the flood waters which washed him away in Jingmen City, Central China. The hero husband had reportedly tied his 72-year-old

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