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Good Relief! Scientists Find Cure For Ebola| Test Drugs In DR Congo

Scientists working on curing Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo have hit a major breakthrough as two out of four drugs being tested have been found to significantly reduce the death rate. According to the World Health Organisation and

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Scientist Develop ‘potent’ Fertility Treatment Cheaper Than IVF With Less Side Effects

Scientists have brought a fresh hope for childless couples who are almost giving up. A ‘potent’ new fertility treatment said to be cheaper and less invasive than In-Vitro Fertilization, IVF has been developed.  Reports from Dailymail gathers apart from IVF

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Good News for Pregnant Women As Scientists Develop Ground Breaking Blood Test Which Can Predict Premature Birth, Reduce Complications and More

According to US and Danish scientists on Thursday, there’s now a ground breaking inexpensive blood test that may predict with up to 80 percent accuracy whether a pregnant woman will give birth prematurely. While more research, according to AFP, is

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