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Rights Activist, Segun Awosanya Reveals D’banj’s Rape Accuser, Seyitan Babatayo Is Under ‘Untold strain’ | Details

Human rights activist, Segun Awosanya a.k.a Segalink has made a clarification on his statement about Seyitan Babatayo’s rape case against D’banj, which ignited a controversy on social media yesterday.  Segalink had yesterday tweeted about the case whilst having very limited

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Apology Or Not, Human Rights Activist, Segun Awosanya Lays Down Steps In Place To Bring Senator Elisha Abbo To Justice

Following public outrage against Nigeria’s youngest senator, Elisha Abbo after he physically attacked a young mum without clear provocation, and his subsequent media brief that saw him offering an apology that most Nigerians have termed arrogant and insincere, popular human

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