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Giant Stride: Nigerian Senate Passes Amendment Bill That Is Sure To Give Protection To The Nigerian Child From Sexual Violence & Abuse

The Nigerian Senate has passed an amendment to the Child’s Rights Act 2003 bill, barring persons convicted of sexual offences from working with children. This followed the presentation of a report by the Chairman of the Committee on Women Affairs,

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Giant Stride: Nigeria Launches First Sexual Offenders Register

The Federal Government in collaboration with strategic partners has unveiled the Nigeria sexual offenders register. The Nigerian Sexual Offenders Register was launched yesterday, November 25, 2019, and Nigerians have hailed this move as a step in the right direction. The

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Arrested: Couples Face Jail Term As They Were Caught Having Sex In Front Of Children

A Florida couple may be doing time in jail as they were caugh having sex on a public beach in front of families – including a 3-year-old child, the Mail Online reports. It took the Manatee County jury about 15

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660 suspected pedophiles arrested in Britain and they include teachers, doctors and ex cops

The biggest child sex abuse investigation has led to the arrest of about 660 pedophile suspects in Britain. According to Daily Mirror, the group – including doctors, teachers, care workers and former police officers – were held during the unprecedented

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