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Celebrity Mum, Kim Kardashian Reveals She’s Also Had An Awakening Following Her Husband’s New Christian Faith & How That Will Influence Her Fashion

Reality television star and mum-of-four, Kim Kardashian West has admitted to having her own moment of epiphany following her rapper husband, Kanye West’s conversion to Christianity. Kanye, who denounced his worldly ways a couple of months back, also made it

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Rapper, Kanye West Shares How Badly It Is Affecting Him As A Father And Husband To See His Wife & Mother Of His 4 Kids Dress So Scantily

Kanye West has opened up to his wife about how showing her body off is affecting him. But the mum-of-four is having none of that.  On Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian is seen arguing

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Video Of A Little Girl Strutting Down A Runway Causes OAP Lolo, Of Wazobia FM To Raise Some Valid Questions On Parenting

OAP Omotunde Adebowale- David aka Lolo, of Wazobia FM took to Instagram to ask about modern values and parenting choices, after she saw a video of a little girl strutting down a runway in crop top and skirt. Never was

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