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Nigerian Parents Share On How Wrong Genotype Results Is Denying Them Of The Joy Of Parenthood 

Effects of wrong genotype results Azubuike Charles, a middle-aged business owner, and father-of-3 lost his 4-year-old son to sickle cell disease in 2016. He said his pre-marital test indicated that his genotype was AA, only to discover later it’s AS

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Why Gynaecologist, Dr. Joseph Akinde Is Calling The Attention Of Expectant Moms To Why They Should Donate Umbilical Cord Blood

A Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr. Joseph Akinde, has urged pregnant women not to resist calls to donate umbilical cord blood for banking for future use. Donated umbilical cord blood, according to the specialist, will help reduce the cost of

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Fertility Consultant, Prof. Oladapo Ashiru On How IVF Can Help Couples Eliminate The Risk Of Sickle Cell Disease In Their Offspring

The world’s sickle cell anemia day is celebrated on the 19th of June every year, and it is indeed vital to celebrate the inspiration and the future of this aspect of Health care. In Nigeria, the foundation for sickle cell

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How 7-Year-Old Boy, Nasir Striggs, Beat The Coronavirus & Pneumonia Despite Being A Sickle Cell Carrier

A Maryland boy with sickle cell disease is winning his fight against COVID-19 after suffering serious complications. Nasir Striggs, seven, was hospitalized in early April after his mom noticed he was having trouble breathing, according to WBAL-TV news station. The

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Sickle Cell Disease: Expert, Dr. Taiwo Aderemi Stresses On Early Genotype Testing As Preventive Strategy

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a group of blood disorders typically inherited from the parents. The Sickle Cell Hope Alive Foundation (SCHAF) has said that early genotype testing and screening remains the key preventive strategy against the disease. SCHAF Medical

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Meet Samira Sanusi, The Woman Who Was Cured Of Sickle Cell Disease As She Opens Up On Her Journey So Far

Two years ago, Samira Sanusi’s post of how she got cured of the sickle cell disease went viral, as people congratulated her and also wished her well (read here). All thanks to her brother, Mustapha Sanusi, who donated his bone

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