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Singaporean Mum, Amy Low, Kicks Against Courts’s Lenient Sentencing Of Maid Who Repeatedly Dipped Her Toddler’s Hands In Boiling Water

A Singaporean woman, Amy Low Mei Liang has expressed her disappointment over the short prison sentence handed down to her former maid for badly burning her toddler with boiling water. The abuse of her child came to light in January

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Singaporean Mum, Amy Low Warns Other Mums After Home Footage Showed Her Maid Repeatedly Dipped Her Toddler’s Hands In Boiling Water

A distraught Singaporean mum, Amy Low Mei Liang, has cried out and warned other mums not to let their guards down after home footage showed her maid whom she hired only a month earlier was torturing her toddler. Police in

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Children In Singapore Will No Longer Be Ranked By Exam Results| Here’s Why

Singapore has long been an educational high-achiever, endorsing rote learning and long study hours to prepare school children toward exam success. But change is in the air as the island state rethinks its approach to education. Whether a child finishes

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