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Fashion Influencer, Obisora Shares Three Ways You May Be Causing Harm To Your Skin

Most women do not know what skincare really entail. For some, it’s about just buying soaps and creams. Sadly, they cause more harm than good to their skin. In a recent post on her Instagram page, brand and fashion influencer,

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For Mums: How To Get That Healthy Glowing Skin

Mark Wealth The fact that you’re torn between handling your motherly duties, wife commitments, business/career demands and your multi-tasking super powers are on full demand is exactly the same reason you can and should look your best every other day. 

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7 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Your Pimples

Battling pimples on your face, back or neck and nothing seems to help? Find a few simple natural remedies you should try out to help you get rid them… 1. Fresh lemon juice. This can be quite effective for most

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Tejumade Nwafor: Quick Beauty Fixes for Your Oily Skin

“Dear God, why do I have an oily skin?” Do you ask yourself this question every time you pick up your compact or look in a mirror? Well, let’s help bring some solace to you, dear ‘oily faced beauty’. Your

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SKINCARE: Natural Beauty Tips Every Mum Should Apply

Now mums, no more excuses! Keep your skin looking radiant always by applying these natural beauty tips… 1. You must have heard that frowning brings about wrinkles – it sure does, so keep a smile on your face. In addition,

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