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Reality Star, Porsha Williams Speaks Against Social Media Pressure To Have New Mums ‘Snap Back’

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Porsha Williams has wanted to be a mum for quite a while, but it didn’t happen until she turned 37 and now the proud mum can’t understand why people would keep mounting pressure on new mums

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Mom-Of-3, ChaCha Eke Faani Shares, Simple Unorthodox Tips To Snap Back Shortly After Delivery

For this stunning Nollywood actress, ChaCha Eke Faani, six weeks after she had her third child; many were shocked to see how fast her body had returned to its pre-pregnancy state and it came with a lot of questions. Pregnancy

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Expert on How Kate Middleton Could Have Snapped Back in Just 7 Weeks After Birthing Third Child

Since snapping back to shape after giving birth is usually a tall order for most mums, it’s worth mentioning when we come across any one who has overcome this huge hurdle. She gave birth to her third child Prince Louis almost

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Tika Sumpter’s Advice on Getting Pre-Pregnancy Body Back is a Must-Read for New Moms

Now it is often a challenge for many new moms to get back their figure after having a baby. This often puts many women under pressure to shed that baby weight they accumulated during pregnancy. However Hollywood actress and new

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