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Study Links Social Play In Kindergarten To Improved Academic Performance

Emphasizing more play, hands-on learning, and students helping one another in kindergarten improves academic outcomes, self-control and attention regulation, finds new UBC research. The study, published today in the journal PLoS One, found this approach to kindergarten curriculum also enhanced

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Interesting New Study Underscores The Importance Of ‘Being Fun’ As A Character Development Trait In Children

A longitudinal study examined whether children who are well-liked and children who are popular got that way by being fun to hang around with. Across a two-month period, primary school children perceived by classmates as someone who is fun to

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Why Your Child’s Social Skills In Kindergarten Are More Important Than Their Academics

Schools and parents often feel the pressure to cut back on play and social interaction for children, in order to get more “hard skill” instruction time in, but reports confirm it’s actually the “soft skills” that are most predictive of

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