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65-Year-Old Father Abducts and Sodomizes Boy for 1 Year: “I’m tempted to have s*x with boys”

Patrick Kalu, a 65-year-old man has been arrested by the Niger state Police Command for allegedly having anal sex with a 15-year-old boy named Victor Inne. Kalu was said to have had regular sexual intercourse with children aged 12 to

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Totally Unacceptable! You Won’t Believe What Parents Caught Babysitter Doing to their 1 Year Old Daughter

A Father caught his 26-year-old babysitter doing something really terrible to his one-year-old daughter. According to Metro UK, Jayson Newlun from Missouri had been babysitting the toddler on the night of June 29th and thought he was alone when the

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Injustice: Man who Allegedly Raped a Little Boy to Death in Niger State Gets Away with Lenient Punishment 

A young boy has allegedly given up the ghost after being abducted and raped many times by a gay man in Niger State who was only sentenced and asked to pay a fine. According to Hausa online news platform, Rariya,

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