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Nigerian Mum-of-2, Sonia Obi-Okodo Who Was Sexually Violated By Her Uncle At Age Five Shares On How The Experience Left Her Suicidal

This is not the first time that Sonia Obi-Okodo will be speaking publicly about her experience and she has not hidden the identity of her uncle, Ebubedike Obi who robbed her of an innocent childhood. Read here. After surviving sexual

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Story Of Activist & Mum-Of-Two, Sonia Obi-Okodo Buttresses Why Parents Ought To Be Wary Of Living With Relatives

A Nigerian activist has taken to social media to expose an uncle who sexually abused her when she was a child. The activist and mum-of-two Identified as Sonia Obi-Okodo revealed that about the age of 5 years, the uncle whose

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