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5 Ways To Know Your Toddler Needs A Speech Therapist

By Nicole Fabian-Weber While some children attain their milestones at the right time, some experience delay and a few may never reach their milestones without some interventions. As the saying goes, “a stitch in time saves nine,” therefore, seeking for

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5 Ways To Develop Your Toddler’s Speech

By Funke Eweje Children are born with innate language skills. Notwithstanding, there’s need to make conscientious efforts to groom these skills from as early as babyhood as they are generally most receptive to learning in the first 5 years. For

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Your Child’s Language Development Chart ( 6 Months To 8 Years)

Here’s a little guide to your child’s language milestones. Note that some children’s development will slightly vary from this chart. However, if your child seem significantly behind, consult a speech therapist. Language Development Chart Age of Child Typical Language Development

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