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4 Ways To Overcome Disagreements In Your Marriage- Family Coach, Elizabeth Badejo

Marriage can be exciting and fulfilling when all seem to be going great, but it only takes one silly mistake to turn what looks like a beautiful journey into a nasty, disappointing, and heartbreaking experience. Recently, a well-known celebrity went

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Family Coach, Elizabeth Badejo Lists 7 Key Secrets You Should Never Keep From Your Spouse 

Love is built on trust. Often, people think that love can conquer whatever obstacle shows up in their relationship, but it is trust that truly conquers. Trust holds everything together. Trust pushes us to believe that we can overcome every

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Conflict Management: Marriage Therapist Highlights 5 Healthy Ways For Fighting Fair With Your Spouse

For some spouses, conflict is a way of life. For others, it’s a word they refuse to entertain. We all bring different perspectives and biases to how we react to marital conflict. There’s not necessarily any one right way to

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General Advice/Tips On How To Enjoy Your Marriage With A Partner That’s Easily Provoked

Marriages are best enjoyed when couples understand one another.  This is because no relationship is perfect as every partner has their shortcomings. However, it’s a good thing if partners try to study one another’s behaviours to relate well for healthy

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See If Your Spouse Checks Out On These 5 Tell-tale Signs Of Emotional Stability

A good marriage can be accomplished if you and your spouse possess some characters necessary to promote emotional stability in your marriage. One of the biggest challenges facing marriages in our society is the lack of gender equality which places

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Having A Happy Spouse Might Help You live Longer- Study

It is no surprise that marriage to a happy person is more likely to last than marriage to an unhappy person—common sense tells us that. But linking a happy marriage to life and death is rather perplexing. Most couples would admit

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10 Signs He’s Husband Material

For a variety of reasons, including being so head over heels in love, deciding if your guy is the right partner can be tricky. However, there are key pointers that can help you assess whether he’ll likely make a good

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6 Things You Should Never Say to Your Spouse

Conflicts are inevitable between couples, and in the flames of anger, it’s easy to utter hurtful words that may cause further friction and later regret. Some of these words may also be uttered during naggings about expectations from your spouse.

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