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Wakanow CEO, Bayo Adedeji Narrates Ugly Encounter With His Domestic Staff

The CEO of Wakanow, Bayo Adedeji, took to Facebook to narrate an unpleasant encounter with his chef that changed his perception about Nigerian domestic staff. According to Adedeji, he treats his chef well, pays him a reasonable monthly salary and

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Sister Of Music Duo, PSquare, Mary Joy Okoye & Hubby, Nollywood Actor, Emma Emordi Air Dirty Laundry On Social Media Over Their Marriage

Former music duo Peter and Paul Okoye‘s sister, Mary Joy Okoye has confirmed the end of her marriage to Nollywood actor Emma Emordi after publicly recounting all that happened while they were together. Reacting to a Facebook post which asked

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Hungry Mum Who Stole Plantain Gets Rewarded By Commissioner Of Police

Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni during an unscheduled visit to Agbowa Police Station, Epe yesterday, ordered the release of a young mum and her baby arrested for stealing plantain in Agbowa Market, Epe. READ ALSO: 8 Ways to Keep

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CCTV Footage Captures A Mother And Her Children Stealing At A Supermarket In Abuja

A disturbing video has been making its rounds on social media. According to reports, the CCTV footage from a Supermarket based in Abuja, shows a woman and her little children shoplifting. READ ALSO: Mum Is Caught Assaulting Her Baby After Suspicious Husband

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Graphic Photos: Man Assaults Young House Help For Allegedly Stealing His Money

A man has served his very young house-help a huge blow of domestic abuse after allegedly accusing him of stealing his money. These disturbing images have gone viral. According to a Facebook user identified as Onyeka Mbaeze, who posted the

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Heartbreaking Moment Little Boy Was Burnt To Death For Stealing

A little boy has allegedly been lynched in the Badagry area of Lagos for stealing a phone, according to reports. Several reports and videos making the rounds on the social media indicate that the boy was set ablaze after being beaten

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Housemaid Disappears With Employer’s Two Children, Uses Them To Collect Alms

A housemaid simply identified as Asmau allegedly stole her employer’s two children in Ogere, Ogun State and took them to Ikorodu in Lagos State, where she used them to beg for alms on the streets. The middle-aged woman reportedly served as

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‘You’ve been drinking my breast milk!’ Mum Wrote To Co-Worker Who’s Been Stealing Her Milk

A co-worker who’s been secretly taking someone else’s coffee creamer learned to never mooch from the office fridge. An unidentified woman only identified as ‘Phantom0591′ posted a picture of her note on Reddit as she noticed someone had been drinking the

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22 Suspected Kid Robbers Arrested For Robbery, Stealing And Cultism In Lagos

22 kid robbers have been arrested by the operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of Lagos State Police Command for robbery, stealing and cultism. According to Vanguard, the 22 teenagers, amongst whom are four girls have been nabbed and paraded

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