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Why Women Impregnated By These Kind Of Men Are Likely To Have A Miscarriage, Stillbirth

A study has revealed that over a quarter of pregnancies might end up as ectopic, in miscarriage or stillbirth if the father-to-be is unhealthy and has three or more medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol

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Taking One Cup Of This Brewed Drink A Day Could Increase Risk Of Stillbirth -Study 

Pregnant women have been urged to cut out caffeine, after a new study suggested just one cup of a caffeinated drink a day could increase the risk of stillbirth by more than a quarter. Guidance on the NHS website suggests

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Study Explains The Link Between Caffeine and Negative Pregnancy Outcomes For Pregnant & TTC Mums

Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive should be advised to avoid caffeine because the evidence suggests that maternal caffeine consumption is associated with negative pregnancy outcomes and that there is no safe level of consumption, finds an analysis

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Doctors Warn West African Women Against Dangerous New Trend Wrongly Believed To Improve Sex Drive & Fertility

We are hearing this for the first time but new reports claim a dangerous trend is gaining popularity among women in West Africa, necessitating medical experts to educate women in the region. Medical doctors have come out to warn women

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Drama as Woman Who Lost Baby 5 Days Before Due Date Slams Prosecutors

A 19-year-old woman who lost her baby daughter after being kicked in the stomach five days from her due date has slammed prosecutors for refusing to see her unborn child as human. This comes after the court failed to press

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Grieving Mum Recounts Heartbreaking Stillbirth Experience

A devastated Florida mum, Natalie Morgan, 29, took to her Facebook page to share heartbreaking photos of her cradling her stillbirth baby, Eleanor Josephine, who died when she was 40 weeks pregnant, urging other parents to value their children and

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