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Nigerian Mum, Tina Obiora, Takes To Facebook To Share How Her Family Narrowly Escaped A Stray Bullet In Their Home

A Nigerian mum,  Tina Obiora and her family narrowly escaped harm after a stray bullet pierced through the wall of her home and came close to causing injury or death. According to Tina, the incident which happened on Wednesday was

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Heartbreaking Photos:  50-year-old Food Vendor Killed by Police Stray Bullet is Laid to Rest

It was an emotional atmosphere yesterday as the 50-year-old woman who was shot dead by a policeman while chasing ”yahoo boys” in Lagos was laid to rest. The widow, Kudirat Adebayo passed away immediately on the spot after she was hit by

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50-year-old Food Vendor Killed by Police Stray Bullet | Son Cries Out for Justice

Kudirat Adebayo, a 50-year old food vendor at Onipanu toll gate area of Lagos state, was shot by an officer, Charles aka TBoy when he was chasing some ‘Yahoo boys’ (conmen) trying to run away. Two other persons were hit during the shooting.

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