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This Dad’s Set of Rules for Dating His Daughters Goes Viral for the Right Reasons

We all know how overly protective fathers can be, especially when it comes to protecting their daughters from heartbreak. This father has some unconventional rules for any prospective suitor of his daughters. And unexpectedly, his rules have gone viral –

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Dear MIMsters: Mr A., Mr B. or Neither of Them? I Need Your Constructive Advice

I’m so confused, and I await constructive advice. I’m a single lady who is 28 years old. My issue is relationship-related. I’m dating (Mr A) who I’ve known him since 2009. We were friends for a reasonable number of years

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Divorced Actress And Mum Of One Gloria Mba Reveals Why She Turned Down Marriage Proposals From Suitors

After a failed marriage, light-skinned Nollywood actress and mum of a cute son, Gloria Mba, disclosed that marriage is a beautiful thing worth giving another trial but there are certain criteria a man must meet to have her as wife.

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