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Impressive Reason This 5-Year-Old Boy Repairs Motorcycles to Raise Money | PHOTOS

What is your excuse? There is a little boy in Makurdi who has inspired all those around him by his excellence and diligence. The 5-year-old Primary 1 pupil of Von Felly Primary School, Makurdi, Benue state capital has been hailed

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Pure Genius! 18 Year Old Student in Oyo State Invents Solar Powered Grinder & Lawn Mower

The story of  Tobi Ayanwoye, an 18-year-old SS3 student who attends Federal Government College (FGC) Ogbomoso, Oyo state, has been making its rounds online. The  teenager, put his creative mind and talent to work by creating an alarm footmat, solar-powered lawn

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Too Cute! Watch This One Year Old Boy Display His Drumming Talent

A talented one-year-old boy, Justin A. Wilson II aka LJ has stunned many with his amazing musical skills despite only just learning to walk. The incredible video, which has gone viral was recorded by LJ’s mother and posted on her

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