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Women’s Issues: Binge Drinking As A Teen Linked To Type 2 Diabetes Later In Life

A new European study has found that binge drinking starting in adolescence is linked to an important risk factor for type 2 diabetes in women later in life. The study, carried out by Umea University, Sweden, is the first to

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Inspiring! Paralyzed Gang Shooting Survivor Graduates Middle School

Tayloni Mazyck, a fourteen-year-old girl who was left paralyzed by a stray bullet, has graduated with honours from New Design Middle School, in Manhattan, USA. According to NY Daily News, the New York teen was just an 11-year-old fifth grader when she

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CHILLING: Adopted Teen Batters Mother To Death With Dumbbell

A 16-year-old from Washington State has been arrested for battering his mother to death with a dumbbell – one day after he gave an emotional interview questioning who could have done such a thing. Brad George was arrested on Saturday

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