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23-Year-Old Chastity Patterson Texted Her Late Dad’s Phone For Four Years Non-Stop Till She Got A Response

A 23 year old lady, Chastity Patterson, was left in shock after she received a text from her late father’s phone after she continuously messaged him for four years. Chastity sent her late father, Jason Ligons’ phone text message updates

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Twitter user, Heidi O’Farell, Writes On How She Felt Finding Out About Her Husband’s Infidelity

A heartbroken Twitter user, Heidi O’Farell took to the app this morning to vent about the pain she felt after she stumbled on overwhelming evidence of her husband’s infidelity. According to Heidi, the experience is something she doesn’t wish on

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Woman Shares Shocking Messages She Got from Her Abusive Husband

A woman on the social platform Imgur, recently shared very shocking and scary text messages from her ex-husband. Her controlling ex-husband would send strings of messages, accusing her of cheating and lying to him. All these accusations eventually led to

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