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Nigerian Couple, Ekpe and Victoria Ita, Share Their Experiences On Settling Marital Misunderstanding Without Involving Third-Party

Ekpe Essien Ita, is an engineer is a retired civil servant, an administrator, an academic and a former lawmaker in the Cross River State House of Assembly. Mr Ita who has been married to Mrs. Victoria Ita for over 40

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Dear MIMsters: I Need Help On How to Handle This Situation Breaking My Heart

My husband has been nice and caring though he is sometimes annoying because he is human and can’t be perfect.  I stumbled across his phone, checked and saw a message from a woman. This message I read broke my heart

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Dear MIMsters: My Husband Calls Another Woman “My son’s mother”

I want to know if I am over thinking this and what this woman who my husband refers to as, “my son’s mother” want from him. I am 34 years old with 2 kids and with one on the way.

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