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7 Red Flags That You Are In A Toxic Marriage or Relationship

What may be acceptable to A when in a relationship may not be acceptable to B. However, there’s a general rule to look out for – an abusive, toxic and violent relationship or marriage is unacceptable as this has a

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Pregnant at 19, Condemned & Abused: Relationship Coach, Biola Makanjuola Shares Inspiring Life Experience

A Canada-based Nigerian relationship coach and single mum of one, ‎Biola Makanjuola has shared her story of how she got pregnant at 19, became a single mum at 20 and faced abuse from her baby daddy. She is now sharing her

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Dear MIMsters: This Relationship is Killing Me But I Can’t Seem to End it.

I am a 25 year old graduate, seeking for job. I have this boyfriend that I have been involved with for a year now. Although we didn’t break up officially, we just stopped talking to each other and it’s killing

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