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See Why Transgender Dad, Freddy McConnell, Has Just Lost The Battle To Be Named As Father On His Child’s Birth Certificate

Freddy McConnell, the British transgender man who gave birth with the help of fertility treatment has today lost a Court of Appeal challenge over being registered as ‘mother’ on his child’s birth certificate. The multimedia journalist at The Guardian who

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World’s First Transgender Doll Raises Serious Concerns Over The Preservation Of Children And Their Identities

The world’s first transgender doll has gone on sale in a toy shop in Russia sparking widespread concern for the future of children, their families and the world as a whole. Photos of the doll  – which features a penis

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Why Girls In The UK Are Skipping School Calls For Some Reflection

As gender becomes more and more fluid in the Western countries, new challenges, it appears will surface almost at every turn. A few days ago, we reported an emerging problem where hundreds of young transgender people are seeking help to

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Sad Twist: See Why Hundreds Of Young Transgender People Are Seeking Help To Return To Their Original Sex

Raising kids to be confident and expressive is definitely one of the hallmarks of successful parenting in the Western society but with every parenting choice comes merits and demerits. According to new reports, hundreds of young transgender people are seeking

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Kris Jenner Reportedly Unhappy that her Daughters Spent Father’s Day with their Dad

Momager, Kris Jenner was reportedly ‘not thrilled’ that her daughters, Kendall and Kylie spent Father’s Day with her transgender ex husband, Caitlyn Jenner. The 61-year-old mother of six has distanced herself from Caitlyn, 67, since the former Olympian released her/his memoir

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Man Gives Birth to His Daughters, Because His Wife Couldn’t Medically

Chris Rehs-Dupin, reveals in an interview with Mirror.Uk how he gave birth to his daughters. Chris met his wife Amy, when he was in his 20’s, working at a children’s summer camp. They always knew they definitely wanted a family. Before

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R. Kelly’s 14-year-old daughter now a transgender boy

How would you react when your daughter announces to you that she’s changed to become a boy? 14-year-old Jaya, changes his name to Jay after coming out as a transgender. Daily Mail UK reports; The ‘brave’ teen made the announcement

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