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Relationship Matters: Family & Marriage Experts Share Top Tips For Rebuilding Trust & Knowing When It’s Time To Call It Quits

Trust is an essential component of a strong, healthy relationship, but it doesn’t happen quickly. When you’ve been burned by someone you love, it’s hard to know where to begin. You’re torn between tending to your own wounds, surveying the

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Marriage Tip: How To Confront These 3 Inevitable Fears In Marriage – Expert

There are different stages in marriage when a couple may begin to experience a sense of fear about their future together. Like any big changes in life, marriage can also go through many stages of doubts and fears of the

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Study Finds That Dads Are Better At Moulding The Behaviour Of Children Than Mums| Details

A Canadian study of child-mother and child-father attachments involving 107 children has found a particular correlation between father-child trust during a play activity and the child’s behaviour. The research team, led by Jean-François Bureau at the University of Ottawa in Canada,

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President Muhammadu Buhari Reveals Why He Has Been Appointing Women To Head Nigeria’s Treasury

President Muhammadu Buhari has revealed there’s a special reason he has been appointing women to head Nigeria’s treasury since his administration came into power in 2015. The president made the revelation on Wednesday when he received some representatives of Nigerian women on

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Dear MIMsters: Am I Making the Right Decision to Leave My Husband After This?

Am I making the right decision to leave my husband after this? I got married two years ago to a God fearing man. He is a devoted Christian who preached no sex before marriage and kept to it. I have

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Dear MIMsters: How My Mother Has Succeeded In Destroying My Confidence In Her

My mother and I have had some issues in the past about privacy and it seems she just doesn’t understand where I’m coming from or she simply doesn’t care. Is she working against us, her children? She has succeeded in

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Dear MIMster: She’s Keen on Getting Married to Me but I Have Trust Issues

I have been dating my girl friend for a while and she’s seriously keen on getting married to me. I also would like to marry BUT there’s this issue that leaves me so confused. She recently cheated on me and

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