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Amazing Birth Story Of Mum, Melanie Bassett Who carried Her Triplets In Separate Wombs

A mum has become the first woman in the UK to give birth to triplets from two different wombs. 32-year-old Melanie Bassett was already a mum-of-two but was left stunned when doctors made the discovery that she was carrying identical

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Born With Two Wombs, US Mum, Ashley Calo Defies 1 In 50 Million Odds To Fall Pregnant With Twins

Mum-of-three Ashley Calo was left speechless after her doctor told her would be having twins – one boy and one girl – and that there would be one baby growing in each of her two wombs. The 31-year-old from Bristol,

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Born With Two Wombs & Veejays, Elizabeth Amoah Talks About Her Unusual Condition & How She’s Normalising It

One of the unusual stories you will read on the internet today is that of a UK-based Ghanaian woman who was born with two vaginas and two wombs. The woman identified as Elizabeth Amoah has  decided to let the world

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