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Californian Mum, Qayla Ann, Suffers Backlash For Her Comments About Her Baby’s Looks On Facebook Live

A Californian mum, Qayla Ann has incurred the wrath of other parents and people generally after she went live on Facebook making puzzling comments about her newborn. Qayla filmed herself burping her little son while his twin sister slept, but

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Dad’s Disgusting Comment About His New Born Will Make You Feel Like the Best Parent Ever

In most cases, a new born is not the prettiest sight for obvious reasons. As time passes, their true beauty begin to show. A young dad from Chicago, Scottie Smith, who just welcomed a baby boy is clearly not happy with

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Commotion as Grandmum Returns Her Newborn Grandson to the Clinic Because he’s “Too Ugly”

A grandmother is said to have returned her newly born grandson to the hospital he was delivered at and accused staff of swapping him for another baby because she thought he was too ugly to be her relative. Mirror reports

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