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Lawmakers Make Interesting Recommendation To Modify The Rights Of Married Underage Girls In Nigeria

The national assembly joint committee on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has recommended voting right for married underage girls to the electoral commission. The national assembly joint panel made the recommendation to a technical committee which will work on the

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Disturbing Report: Advocacy Group Raises Alarm Over Rise In Child Prostitution In Rivers State 

An advocacy group, Centre For Basic Rights Protection And Accountability Campaign has raised alarm over the increasing trafficking in children and use of under aged girls for prostitution and sex slavery in Rivers state. The rights group said it reached

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Rape Pandemic: Experts On Why Older Men Are Preying On Underage Girls

The elderly persons in society are looked up to for protection by the younger ones. Unfortunately, many older people have committed act that they should ordinarily be warning the younger ones to desist from. Also, aged persons usually regarded as

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Parents Beware! 4 Underage Girls, 9 Teenage Boys Nabbed During Cult Initiation (Photos)

Four underage girls, whose ages range between 10 and 13 and nine teenage suspected cultists have been nabbed by the Ogun state police early this week. According to Dailypost, the girls were all primary six school leavers and the nine

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Zambian Government Moves to Make Child Marriage a Criminal Offence

The Zambian Government has released a statement saying that it is in the process of reviewing a law governing marriages. The aim is to make child marriages a criminal offence. This information was delivered by the Minister of Gender, Victoria Kalima, who

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See Why Emir of Lafia Placed Curfew On Underage Girls Hawking Past 6 P.M.

The Emir of Lafia, Dr. Isah  Agawi, has warned underage girls against hawking on the streets of Lafia beyond 6pm and also placed an order, saying that anyone who flouted the directive would be arrested and prosecuted by the palace

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