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Women’s Health: There’re Too Many Health Benefits Of Having Good Sex That Should Motivate You To Give In To Your Sexual Whims | Check Them Out

When it comes to sex, nothing could be farther from the truth than the belief that reproduction is the sole basis for sexual intimacy. In truth, sexual intercourse has many positive intellectual, physical, emotional and social benefits, both science and nature nudge you

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Urinary Incontinence In Women, Causes And Symptoms

Urinary incontinence- the loss of bladder control is a common and often embarrassing problem, but it is important to note that urinary incontinence is not a disease but a symptom. READ ALSO: Bedwetting Solutions: 10 Tips to Help Your Child Stop

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Ask An Expert: I didn’t Tie My Tummy After Birth & It’s Getting Bigger. What Simple Exercises Can Help?

Our team of seasoned experts answer all your questions on pregnancy, delivery, children and women’s health, sexuality education and more. Q: I’m a mum to a 1 year 6 months old baby. After giving birth, my stomach became so big,

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