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Why Oxford, Princeton Researchers Are Calling For Healthy People To Up Their Daily Intake Of Vitamin D

Experts from Oxford to Princeton have signed an open letter to global governments arguing vitamin D could ward off coronavirus infections, disease and even deaths. The letter, sent to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and health secretary Matt Hancock on

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Why You Should Stop Taking Over-the-counter Vitamin D Drug Without Doctor’s Supervision Immediately 

Though Vitamin D could be bought over the counter at many pharmacies, taking the medication without the supervision of a physician is extremely dangerous, researchers revealed. The researchers also warn that vitamin D is not beneficial in all its forms because

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Vital Information On The Use Of Vitamin D To Bolster Up Immunity Against COVID-19

Perhaps, you have learned that strengthening your immunity along with other precautions laid down by scientists is a good way to significantly lower your chance of contracting the dreaded COVID-19. You probably have also heard that Vitamin D deficiency has

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