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Former BBN Housemate, Uriel Oputa Takes A Swipe At Men Who Make Their Wives Insecure About Their Weight After Childbirth

Big Brother Naija former Housemate Uriel Oputa has slammed men who make their wives insecure about their weight after childbirth. The reality show star called such men “complete ignoramus” and asked them to take a back seat and give their

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First-Time Mum, Lucy Mecklenburgh Shares On How Putting On Four Stone In Pregnancy Changed Her Relationship With Her Body

Lucy Mecklenburgh, an English television personality, model and businesswoman, has spoken for the first time since becoming a mother about her battle with body image and the pressure on new moms to lose weight. The 29-year-old first-time mom and former

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Stunted Children Who Gain Rapid Weight After Age 2 Risk Heart Disease- Study

A range of factors that contribute to a child becoming stunted has been identified. They include low socio-economic status, dietary intake, infections, the mother’s nutrition, micronutrient deficiencies and poor sanitation, the Global Childhood Report 2019 has stated. Because of these

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Why Pregnant Women Should Imbibe Regular Monitoring Of Their Food Intakes | Physician, Dr. Philip Ogwu

It is sadly very common that when a woman is pregnant, friends and families urge her to go ahead and “indulge” or eat whatever they crave for. I remember once attending a wedding and I was seated close to this

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PCOS Awareness Month: 5 Women Share A Snippet Of Their Stories To Show How The Hormonal Condition Affects A Woman’s Body & Mind

September is PCOS awareness month. Polycystic ovary syndrome otherwise known PCOS is a hormonal condition, and is by far one of the most daunting  issues for women to handle when it comes to fertility problems. PCOS affects around 10 million people

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Do You Know That Losing Weight Could Slash A Woman’s Breast Cancer Risk?

A new research suggests that overweight women could slash their risk of breast cancer by nearly a third by shedding some pounds. Scientists from the American Cancer Society looked at more than 180,000 women aged 50 or over. Among those that

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Mariah Carey: Overweight and Risking Heart Disease, Doctor Warns.

47-year-old American singer, Mariah Carey who’s famously known for her curves has been warned by a medical expert that she is at the risk of facing health issues after hitting 263 Pounds. According to Radar Online, the ageless mother of twin

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Tia Mowry Speaks Out On Body Shaming Comments, Says, ‘Not Pregnant, Just Happy’

The photo below from Tia Mowry’s Instagram account is said to have prompted some users to comment on the actress’s weight gain, with a user reportedly saying, ‘You’ve gained a little. I want you to lose it.’ During an interview

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