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Why Eating Yoghurt Can Stop Bacteria That Causes Breast Cancer

One of the causes of breast cancer may be inflammation triggered by harmful bacteria, researchers suggest. Scientists advise consuming natural yogurt, which contains beneficial bacteria dampens inflammation. This is similar to the bacteria found in breastfeeding mothers. Their suggestion is

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Why Celebrity Mum, Oma Nnadi Is Cautioning Parents And Calling On NAFDAC To Prioritise The Safety Of Children

Celebrity mum, Oma Nnadi has issued a warning to parents and is also calling on the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration NAFDAC to do their job, and keep children safe. Oma raised the issue after she bought baby

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See Why UK Grandpa, Bobby, Ate Half Bucket Of House Paint

Everybody says kids say and do the darndest things but one grandpa has done the most, after he consumed an entire cup of house paint. The man, identified as Bobby, became a sensation after his granddaughter shared photos of him

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