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Zambia’s Lister Phiri, Has The Longest Hair In Africa And Maintains A Simple Routine You May Want To Covet

Almost all women desire to have rich long hair, but sometimes it’s a question of genes, or routine according to natural hair lovers. One woman, 49-year-old Lister Phiri is living the dream with her incredibly long hair that has earned

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Zambian Government Moves to Make Child Marriage a Criminal Offence

The Zambian Government has released a statement saying that it is in the process of reviewing a law governing marriages. The aim is to make child marriages a criminal offence. This information was delivered by the Minister of Gender, Victoria Kalima, who

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Police Officers in Zambia Banned From Marrying Foreigners

There is a new law in Zambia right now which stipulates that officers in Zambia are prohibited from marrying foreigners. The Inspector General of Police in Zambia has put out a memo affirming this rule. According to BBC, the memo dated

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Zambian Government Gives Women Day Off  During Monthly Menstrual Cycle

Imagine getting a day off work when you are on your period. Wouldn’t that be awesome? This is exactly what is happening in Zambia right now. Zambia’ s lawmakers have instituted a law in Zambia that allows women take one

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