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10 Tips On How To Keep Your Body In Shape

10 Tips On How To Keep Your Body In Shape

The excess fat syndrome has sadly gotten its claws on most of us, especially we moms. There has been talk, write-ups etc on how to keep in shape but the question is, how many of them are realistic and practical? Having put that into consideration, I have decided to put together ten simple but realistic and practical tips on how to have and keep that body shape that you so much desire.

Tip one: know your body especially your weak areas so that you can put more effort on those areas while working out. This you can know by looking in the full-length mirror without clothes by standing, sitting, stooping, anyway to get the picture of your posture and your weak areas.

Tip two: Embrace what is possible for you. Don’t let someone else set limitations for you by telling you not to try something you want to do or to do something that doesn’t suit you. However, you can accept a new reality so long it is defined to you.

Tip three: Be honest to yourself by removing your mind from miracle weight burners like herbal teas, crème etc and accept that you can only get into shape by exercising your body. Start with the simple ones like dancing to music that you enjoy, taking walks into joggling, and progress from there.

Tip four: be regular with the exercise. Make it a daily thing and also start with a shorter length of time and progress into longer time. You can start with 30 minutes per day and increase as your strength or energy permits.

Tip five: don’t starve or skip meals as this will only result to you storing up bad fat which will in turn make you add weight. Rather eat the right kinds of food.

Tip six: avoid junk food and substitute fruits for cakes for your in-between snacks. Instead of that meat-pie or biscuit and coke, do an apple, banana or papaya (paw-paw)

Tip seven: eat more of food that contains fiber like corn, apple, banana, white and green beans, whole wheat bread, green vegetables, potatoes, carrots etc. These are natural fat burners.

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Tip eight: take at least 7 glasses of water daily.

Tip nine: reduce your intake of fatty foods and sugar and eat more of protein rich foods like fish, white meat, natural foods, organic foods, vegetables, & fruits.

Tip ten: appreciate yourself and your efforts all the way. If you celebrate yourself for that little difference, you will be naturally motivated to do more.

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