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Is Nikki Minaj Pregnant? Is Lil Wayne The Baby-Daddy?

Is Nikki Minaj Pregnant? Is Lil Wayne The Baby-Daddy?

There’s yet another media firestorm on the rise, and this time it’s in the world of hip-hop. But, it’s centered around two of the biggest rappers in the game – Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. However, there’s actually two sides to this particular story.The first side of it shrouds around the speculation ofPink Friday rapper Nicki Minaj’s possible pregnancy, but the other side centers around one burning question: Who is the child’s father?The media is suggesting that the child is for none other than Young Money/Cash Money CEO Lil Wayne.While the claims are quite far-fetched, media outlets immediately went digging for details., Minaj was actually spotted Jan. 2 with what appeared to be a potential baby bump.

The platinum-selling rapper was actually having an intimate dinner date with another man.However, an insider pointed out a very interesting detail. “She twice made toasts by drinking water instead of wine,” adding that it is “highly unusual” for the singer ” to toast with anything but a full glass of wine.”Although she could very well be pregnant, most fans are wondering how does Wayne fall into this equation. For starters, their recent Billboard Music Awards performance of the hit song “High School” definitely raised eyebrows.

The Hollywood Gossip also reports that the un-cut version of the “High School” music video varies vastly in contrast to the censored version.While it’s not uncommon for performers to stimulate sex in an effort to add to a song’s visual effect, it’s uncommon for the two of them. Minaj and Wayne have always portrayed the role of ‘brother and sister,’ so the intimate on-camera acts were quite odd, leaving fans to speculate the true extinct of their relationship.While Minaj has yet to confirm or deny the claims, this is definitely a situation that will only unfold with time. A baby bump can only be hidden for so long.

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