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Woman unknowningly sells own grand-daughter for N350,000 in Imo State

Woman unknowningly sells own grand-daughter for N350,000 in Imo State

A 52-year-old mother has been arrested by the police command in Imo State for allegedly selling her two-weeks-old granddaughter.

According to Sun News, Mrs. Tina Iwuji, a 52 year old mother from Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA, Imo State has been arrested by the Imo state police command for allegedly selling the two weeks old baby of her son’s girlfriend. Continue

Mrs Iwuji son, Emeka had impregnated his Lagos girlfriend, Esther Godwin, a native of Ndoki, Delta State and then decided to send her to his mother without telling his mum that he owned the pregnancy and also instructed Esther not to open up to his mother that he was the who got her pregnant.

Mrs Iwuji accepted Emeka’s request and allowed Esther move into her house in January 2014. Esther eventually gave birth, and just two weeks later, Mrs Iwuji sold the baby for N350,000 not knowing she was selling her own grand daughter

Mrs Iwuji told Sun “It was my son Emeka Iwuji who brought Esther as a friend not a wife from Lagos to my home in Mbaise, Imo State. I asked Esther who was responsible for her pregnancy and she said it was not my son. I asked her what was her mission and whether her mother was aware that she came to Mbaise but she said no. She came to the house on January 7, 2014″ she said

Esther gave birth on April 11th to a baby girl at Hope Clinic and Maternity, Mbaise and on hearing that she had given birth, Emeka asked his mum to facilitate means of selling the baby and the proceed given to Esther for her to use to further her education.

Mrs Iwuji then began mounting pressure on Esther and not too long a nurse, Eunice Eze, who is in the baby sale syndicate came into the picture and she contacted another lady, Patricia Njoku who then identified a willing buyer, Mrs Benardine Abara who needed a girl to compliment her three sons.

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Even with all the contacts made, Esther was still not game to sell her child. Seeing that the young lady would not give-in, Mrs Iwuji connived with her brother to take Esther somewhere where her child was forcefully taken away from her and handed to Eunice who then sold it to Mrs Abara for N350,000.

Distraught Esther then went to the Mbaise police station to report the case and all the parties except Emeka have been arrested. It was at the station that Mrs Iwuji got to know that the baby she had been bargaining to sell all along was her own grandchild.

A shocked Mrs Iwuji said” “It was when I was arrested with the other people that Esther confessed that my son Emeka was responsible for her preg­nancy. I was shocked.”she said

Imo State Police Commissioner, Mr Abdulmajid says they would all soon be charged to court.
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