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Obese 4-Year-Old Boy Gets A Tummy Tuck

Obese 4-Year-Old Boy Gets A Tummy Tuck

The desperate parents of a four-year-old boy have resorted to tummy tuck as a last resort to help their over-weighted lose weight. Continue to read……

According to Daily Mail UK,

A four-year-old boy in India was so fat his parents allowed surgeons to cut away 70 per cent of his stomach to lose weight. Rishi Khatau weighed seven stone in September last year and his parents, Dipen and Henna Khatau, claimed they had tried everything to curb his eating.


The toddler was so big that he was wearing adult sized shirts and his trouser waist was a huge 36 inches. Eventually they felt they had no choice but to pay a clinic to make his stomach smaller – in an operation called a gastrectomy – making him one of the youngest patients in the world to undergo such an operation.

Mr Khatau, 39, a textile trader, from Calcutta, in West Bengal, India, said: “We had no other way of saving our son. He was slowly dying and we had tried diets and failed. The doctor told us his condition was serious, surgery was our last hope.”

When Rishi was born he weighed just 3lbs 9ozs and his parents spent the next 12 months lovingly over feeding him to build his weight and strength. “He was a tiny baby so we felt we had to feed him extra to compensate,’ Dipen said. ‘By his first birthday he was a healthy weight for his age and we were thankful but six months later we started to notice he was getting bigger.”

By his second birthday Rishi already weighed three stone. Mr and Mrs Khatau started to worry and halved his food portions but Rishi would cry for more food, often screaming he was hungry.

‘I don’t think we were to blame. I don’t think we did anything wrong by giving him food.’

During a family function last year a relative told Mr Khatau about bariatric surgery. ‘She’d had it done and lost lots of weight,’ Mr Khatau added. ‘She said it was a success and recommended a doctor to us. We’d never heard of it but if it worked for her then it could work for Rishi so we looked into it.’

Mrs Khatau, 34, a housewife, said: ‘I hated being so scared that my son wouldn’t see his next birthday. I was terrified all the time. We had to do something to save him. ‘As a mother I loved carrying him around but he was just so heavy. Every morning he’d hate walking to the school bus because he wasn’t able to move fast so I’d carry him. I felt so much lighter when I put him down. We had to help our son.’

So Mr and Mrs Khatau made an appointment at the Asian Bariatric Hospital, in Ahmedabad, western India. Mrs Khatau said: ‘The doctor told us that we had no choice but to give him this operation, it was our last resort.’

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Source: DailyMail UK



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  • Hmm, thank God it worked for them and i hope the parents will do their best to eat healthy and not over feed the boy.

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