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15 Year-Old Girl Who Watched Boko Haram Kill Her Father And Brother

15 Year-Old Girl Who Watched Boko Haram Kill Her Father And Brother

This 15 year-old girl, a chibok indigene, got lucky but not her father and brother, who died in the hands of Boko haram. She narrates her ordeal, being forced to watch their gruesome murders. Continue reading….

According to Linda Ikeji;

15 year-old Deborah Peter, a Chibok indigene who now resides in Virginia, USA, was at the Capitol Hill, D.C yesterday May 21st, where she narrated her experience in the hands of Boko Haram.

Deborah was at the US congress in her capacity as a Boko haram survivor, to lend her voice to the #bringbackourgirls campaign, as members of the congress debated on how to effectively win the war against the radical Islamic sect that abducted over 200 girls in Chibok on April 14th.

Deborah told the story of how her father, a Christian pastor who had been asked to deny his faith, and her brother, were both killed in a singular attack on the evening of Dec 22 2011 by three members of Boko haram. She said the men shot her dad 3 times in the chest and as they deliberated on whether to kill her brother, her dad breathed his last when he heard gun shots fired at his son, Caleb.

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Deborah said she was then asked to lie in between their corpses. She laid there until the next morning when she was rescued by a local Pastor who paid for her to be transported out of the region. Sadly, the pastor who assisted her was also killed in 2013 by the sect men.

Source: Linda Ikeji

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