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7 Manners Every Child Must Have

7 Manners Every Child Must Have

A child with good upbringing is one with good manners. They are important because they influence people’s perceptions and behaviour towards a person. A socially gracious child is one will exhibit all and more of the the following…..

Please and Thank you

As soon as they can speak, children should be taught how to say ‘please’ when asking for something and offer a ‘thank you’ after receiving a favour.

Practicing Good Table Manners

We try to eat dinner together at an actual table as often as their sports schedules allow. This is the key to teaching table manners. Eating on the couch or in the back seat of a car does not reinforce some of the key tenets of table manners, like an upright posture, correct elbow position below the table top and the all-important asking for the butter instead of reaching for the butter. While at the actual table during dinner, I encourage conversation that does not revolve around cars, bodily functions or the classic male debate of Batman versus Superman. –

Do  Not Interrupt A Conversation

When two adults are having a conversation, teach your children not to interrupt except when there is an emergency. Let them learn to wait. If it is really important to interrupt, teach them to always say, “excuse me please.”

Do Not Make Rude Comments

Commenting on people’s physical appearances especially if they are within earshot is rude. Let them know they are only allowed to comment if it is compliment.

Cover Your Mouth When You Sneeze Or Cough. 

Spittle flying from little noses and mouths is just plain gross.  Trust me; teachers appreciate children who know this before they get to school. –

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Ask For Permission

If you want to borrow something, don’t just help yourself, always ask permission and make sure you return whatever it is you borrow. Make sure you return it in the same or better

Helpful and Compassionate.

Hold a door open for someone that has their hands full.  Ask their teacher or parent if they need help with chores.  Recognizing ways to be helpful and compassionate to others is a gift that children can learn early in life, one that will make them feel good about themselves – and be well liked by others.


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