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Ebola fear: UK Dad pulls daughter from school over face mask row with teachers

Ebola fear: UK Dad pulls daughter from school over face mask row with teachers

An extremely cautious dad who sent his daughter off to school wearing protective face mask against Ebola has pulled her out from school. This action was taken after the school authorities said she will not be allowed into the school with face mask.

According to Mirror UK; Jon O’Brien, 44, who is convinced the deadly virus will hit the UK, has spent £600 buying 200 medical masks and antibacterial hand gel. He claims it is too dangerous for his 13-year-old daughter to attend school without a mask. But teachers have refused his request because there have been no reported cases in the UK. The dad-of-two now faces possible prosecution after keeping his daughter away from school since yesterday.

He said: “I emailed the school with the request and was told it would be unnecessary. What is unnecessary about a parent wanting to protect their child? You can catch Ebola by being sneezed on. It’s in all bodily fluids and now, we’re told there is a 70 per cent chance people in West Africa will die if they contract it. I want my daughter to go to school but I am not going to do anything to put her in any kind of danger. This will become an emergency and it is my choice as a father to try and protect my children “I am worried that I will be victimised and hauled in front of a court for not taking her to school.”

Jon’s daughter, who has not been named, attends Sharnbrook Upper School in her hometown of Bedford. Peter Rattu, the school’s Associate Principal, replied to the face mask request in an email.

He wrote: “We follow the advice we are given. At the moment there is no reported case in UK. There is no threat so the use of mask is unnecessary. Your daughter should attend as normal.”

Jon claims airport screening will not prevent the spread of the disease. The businessman added: “People will say I’m crazy but what happens in three weeks time when a child gets it and their whole school is put at risk? People aren’t being taught enough about this disease and there’s too much ignorance. I see so much racism online and I spend my time telling people that Ebola doesn’t care what your race is. Asking people if they feel OK and taking their temperature is too little, too late. I’d say this is a lot more serious than our government says. Prevention is better than a cure. I don’t understand why people are reluctant to just jump on it now. I don’t care if people think I am mad. If this happens, I will be ready to take it on.”

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Sharnbrook Upper School has refused to comment.


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