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Does Mel B’s husband, Stephen Belafonte hit her?

Does Mel B’s husband, Stephen Belafonte hit her?

Mel B’s husband, Stephen Belafonte, has vehemently denied allegations that he ‘hit his wife,’ Mirror reports.

The former Spice Girl was forced to miss Saturday night’s show after being taken to hospital following a mystery illness. However, she made a dramatic and welcome return to the show last night to see Ben Haenow being crowned winner.

Viewers were quick to point out she still looked very poorly, though – and that she was also no longer wearing her £20,000 wedding ring.

Taking to Twitter early on Monday morning, Stephen wrote: “I don’t usually respond to Twitter msgs but I will respond to comments of hitting my wife which I think are quite disgusting and untrue…Mel was very ill a bunch of doctors helped her get better if fans can’t just relax B4 being negative they r not real fans of @OfficialMelB.”

According to The Sun, Stephen hadn’t been seen at the hospital after she collapsed, though he was seen walking to the shops close to the central London home he shares with Mel and her daughters.

The paper also reports that he refused to discuss Mel’s condition.

The 39-year-old’s estranged mum Andrea and her sister Danielle both took to Twitter to express their concern after news emerged she would be missing the show due to illness.

Danielle wrote: “I am beyond desperate and this should be a private family matter!! But we don’t know what else to do if anyone at all can help then pls do!”

Meanwhile in a message to Stephen, she said: “You told me and mum yesterday she is fine and not in hospital. I’ve recorded all your calls for the past week. Where is my sister?”

Following Mel’s appearance on X Factor last night, Andrea expressed her relief, writing: “Omg all my tears over last 3 days and there she is. Having a large glass of wine to celebrate even though I’m still bloody crying. Poor Melanie she looks poorly.”

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Mel B was rushed to hospital after it was claimed she collapsed on her way to the X Factor press conference on Friday.

The Spice Girl, 39, was described as ‘seriously ill’ and was kept in overnight for further tests after spending the day being treated on a private ward.

At the time, sources close to Mel confirmed: “She is in hospital and is seriously ill. We are awaiting the result of tests and then we will know exactly what is wrong.”

What do you think is really going on?


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  • Fans should stop speculating, let the test result come out . moreover MEL is matured enough to knw wat is best for her.

  • I think there is something the couple is not telling us. Something must have happened between them. If they do not speak there is no way we would know if he heat her.

  • People should stop speculating and leave them to do whatever they want. Mel is a matured person and knows what she wants.

  • Mel is not a baby besides she’s not like an african woman that worships marriage that believes once married must remain married no! If things aren’t working well btw her and her husband trust me she wouldn’t wait for any fans opinion for her to know what next to do so let’s keep watching!

  • Will b very disappointed if he does but let’s keep our fingers crossed till d tests r out.for all we know there might not b an iota of truth in d fan’s speculations . I think d fans should pray that nothing serious is wrong instead of fuelling d rumours going round

  • I wish her quick recovery and a peaceful marriage even if there are downs according to the media

  • The evidence is inconclusive at this point .He might, he might not have hit her. With all this speculation I am sure she would make a statement soon. I just really wish it isn’t true. NO ONE should endure abuse

  • Hmmm..let it not be that that man is hitting my Mel B oo.Anyway,she’s matured enough to know what to do if it’s true.We no know wetin happen


  • Mwl B and hubby are nice couple. though, her husband finds it difficult to relate with mel bs eldest daughter. I hope they continue with their loving relationship

  • this is mere rumour with no iota of truth in it for people to say he hit his wife.rumour makes life go round

  • Melanie B. She’s my favourite spice girl’s star… I think people should stop speculating… I hope the relationship continues

  • I think Mel’s sickness is serious. I just hope its nothing cancerous. Fans should stop speculating and hear from d horses mouth before jumping to conclucions. Although I heard she had some bruises on her face and dat is y pple tink she was beaten up by her husband. Anyway God is in charge

  • I wish her quick recovery But whatever be the case,she needs to do things that will make her Happy cause life has no duplicate

  • Yall should remember., Mel is spot-holic. she may have fallen from sport equipment. who knows. her husband is so tender that I cant suspect him beating her up

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