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6 Simple Tips On Helping Your Child Prepare for Exams

6 Simple Tips On Helping Your Child Prepare for Exams

Taking an exam for the first time can be a nerve-racking experience for a young student which can highly affect his or her grades. While you can’t take your child’s exam for them, you can help them study and provide a supportive environment.

1. Be prepared!

Be well versed with the 4 P’s – “Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”. The most effective way of alleviating the stress brought on by tests and exams is to be well prepared.

2. Cover all the relevant material.

Organise and timetable the period running up to exams. Help your child write down the topics they have to cover – then divide them by the days left until exams begin. This way, they’ll be sure to cover all their subjects, not just their favourite ones!

3. Practice answering questions.

The last stage of revision should involve practice in answering examination questions in the time allowed. It’s important that your child not only knows their work, but is able to regurgitate that information in the allocated time span of the exam.

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4. Take time out for regular breaks.

Recognise that concentration falls off after certain amount of time. This can vary from person to person, but a short break is a good idea every 60 or 90 minutes. A brisk walk is a great way to recharge the batteries.

5. Eat to improve concentration.

Feed the body and you feed the mind. Omega 3 fish oils are said to be an aid to concentration. Make sure they eat healthily and regularly and don’t let them skip meals.

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6. Rest the mind.

Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep. Give them time to wind down if they’ve been studying in the evening. Let them watch a bit of TV, have a warm drink and a read before trying to go to sleep.

As a routine, always insist that your child stays in and spends a certain amount of time studying daily. Take the time to talk to your children that they are ultimately responsible for themselves and it usually takes an effort to succeed in life.

Also, warn your child about cheating by discussing the various things it entails comprehensively.


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