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14-Year-Old Willow Smith Shared This On Instagram Months After Topless Photo Scandal

14-Year-Old Willow Smith Shared This On Instagram Months After Topless Photo Scandal

Willow Smith is stirring up controversy with yet another racy Instagram snap eight months after a photo of her in bed with a 20-year-old sparked a child protective services investigation. On Thursday the controversy-courting 14-year-old shared the picture above on Instagram.

Smith can be seen confronting the camera in the pic with her arms raised behind her back and a naked torso — screen printed on her shirt — stretched across her front.

The image, which she posted as a new avatar on her personal instagram, was picked up by a fan site, below:

As Radar reported, the teen came under fire in May 2014, when she posted a photo of herself in bed with shirtless friend Moises Arias, 20. At the time, DCFS launched an investigation but found nothing amiss.

Her mom, Jada Pinkett Smith, then spoke out to slam anyone who got the wrong idea. “Here’s the deal. There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation,” she said at the time. “You guys are projecting your trash onto it. You’re acting like covert pedophiles and that’s not cool.”

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  • If this pic am seeing, no big deal… but the Internet has got too many people and plenty with perverted views.

  • Design… Natin much bt wait a minute why is it no matter wht we do pple must talk weda good or bad?

  • I see everything wrong wt ds pic.for crying put loud ds girl is just Nigeria she wl b in ss1 or even jss3. Pls let’s allow our kids to b kids a time will come when she wl want her childhood but won’t see it .jada& will r really failing wt ds girl

  • I wouldn’t want my 14-year-old daughter to wear this.So for me,it’s totally wrong

  • Ha! I think its too much o. I’m sure nobody here will like to see their 14years old like that!

  • With her age(14), everytin is wrong with it bt she trying to b controversial, na her cup of tea though it will only make her to b popular.

  • I see everything about this pics wrong abeg. She is 14years and not 41, but then its her parents cup of tea and not mine. wish them a very happy sipping.

  • That’s just an avatar kinda outfit stuff. Its jst like sm1 putting on a leopard skin outfit or outfit dat luks like our skin.

  • That’s just an avatar kinda outfit stuff. Its jst like sm1 putting on a leopard skin outfit or outfit dat luks like our skin. Those pple sef talking are de berra dan her? Honestly pple nid to remove de spark in deir eyes b4 lukin 4 who else to remove.

  • She is seeking attention,! Just because of who her parents are people will talk. Hence she is doing it. Her parents are her role model, since they didn’t see anything wrong with the pictures she posted. If it were to be in Nigeria, she would dare not wear such. Unfortunately they are not remembering her age –14yrs!!!

  • She is just acting her age but her parents should watch out, I will never permit my 14yr old to wear that, Avatar or not.#myopinion

  • They better allow her to live her childhood because soon, the effect of not living it will be a baddd

  • I would not want my 14yr old 2 wear doesnt send a gud msg.Talkless of posting it online when d internet is crowded with perverts

    • I’m wondering why people are not seeing anything wrong with the pic..will they allow their own child wear something like that talk more of posting it on the internet???

  • Its a gradual process and when unwanted pregnancy sets in it will be her mamas big problem.too provocative xpecially for a girl that age.

  • God help our to bring our children up in your way. 14year old dressing in such an offensive manner? its well

  • Hmmm well,she’s gonna make good money soon,I raed sometime that she stopped going to school too.American style for you not in my beloved country Nigeria

  • Wat other attention is she seeking? She’s already popular thnx to her parents. As for de post,I wld never allow my 14yr old child do dis.She’s growing too fast for her age.

  • Hmmmmm if you are a kid, u supposed to do wat kids do. This gal is going wayward. Is it nt bad enough to wear something like this, and now she hs the audacity to put it on Instagram. Hmmm her mum hs to be alert ooo

  • Kids should be allowed to enjoy their childhood because once your an adult, you will be wondering how your childhood flew by your very eyes. This isn’t a part of childhood at all, she’s 14 and her focus right now shouldn’t nudity.

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